Password Recovery

So, lately, we've been receiving A LOT of lost password cases, for which, we decided to implement a ingame password recovery system using the email you put when registered for the first time. This system works this way: 1. When you put a invalid password, now it gives the option to request to change it. 2. After you click to change it, it asks for the email used to register. 3. If the email is correct, it sends a confirmation code to this email. 4. After you received the code, you must put it in the next window that shown up ingame, along with the new password.

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TEASERS regarding the upcoming CNR

What's in that picture? Two guys wearing armor? YES

With the new arrival of the CNR, armor will be sold in ammunation for everyone.

I am sure that now you might be wondering....Is this related to the CNR?Is it going to return?HAS it been balanced?I WANT ANSWERS,DAMN NOW! Well let's say that ballistic protection is an issue that everyone should be careful about. Enjoy your new armors when they come out :D

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SAUR 5 is coming

It's coming, and It's coming soon, we're going to announce SAUR 5.0.

Hold on to your trousers, t-shirt and grandmother.

SAUR 5.0 is going to be released on Friday 7th of February 2014.
( Please do note that we might postpone this release if we stumble upon some techincal difficulties or game-breaking bugs that have to be fixed)

The time is to be set later but will most likely be after 19:00 GMT+1.

Now I do want to say that we have worked very hard on this release, and it's a bit different from our previous releases as this is not much of a under-the-hood feature release.
This is more of a front-end release, as you might have seen in our teasy previews.
A lot of our old and grey GUIs have been dusted off, given a new coating of transparant paint and we have cut them into straight rectangles.

So stock up on your energy drinks or whatever ritual you have to stay up long, because you'll be needing it.

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2 new car mods available!

Dear SAUR players,

We've added 2 new car mods; a BMW M5 E39 for the Sentinel and a Nissan GTR R35 for the Elegy.

The Elegy is for sale in LS, at the Luxury Car Salesman for $90.000,- The Sentinel is for sale in LS, at the Cheap Car Salesman for $85.000,-

Try it out yourself!

The SAUR Staff Team

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Hello everybody,

I'm making this topic to warn everybody of a recent application GForest has released somewhere, which contains a small function that reads a file on your computer where your login credentials are saved. This small file is only created when you decide to let MTA save your login credentials on a server, and is thus irrelevant to those of you who dont have auto-save enabled.

GForest has been banned from SAUR for creating this application as it is highly likely that this has been going on for a prolonged period of time.

If you have any reports to make about this application or found a link to it please contact me so I can get it removed.


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New car mod available!

Dear SAUR players,

We've just replaced the Elegant with a car mod of the "Ford Crown Victoria". It's for sale at the Cheap Car Salesman located in north-east LS, for just $66.000,-

Try it out yourself!

The SAUR Staff Team

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