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    Huge Update

    By West,

    Marhaba Everyone,

    It’s my pleasure to announce after hard work, and paying off cheap labors. The server will be launched in Arabic language only. Meaning SAUR:RPG will be re-named to SAUR:ARBK. And its ready to be launched in the upcoming Monday and that includes:

    • All texts will be changed to Arabic.
    • Main chat language is officially Arabic (Not English. Speaking non-Arabic will get muted)
    • Texts in-game has been translated to Arabic
    • Church at LSPD replaced with Mosque.
    • All haram activates removed (no more drugs, no more gambling..etc)
    • Hearing prayer calling (Makkah time)
    • Prayer time means no playing (players will be frozen and receive a black screen till prayer is done)
    • Burgers and pizza stores/food replaced with Kabab, Shawarma and dates (dates are the new drugs)

    Also, Events and skins to be added such us:

    • Camel racing
    • CJ default skin changed and remodeled to:


    • Much more to come!

    These updates are not enough to suffice our Arabic needs. Non-Arabic speakers must learn Arabic language to co-op with this new update. Punishments are more harsh.

    I am even happy to say that Owners have started to do so:




    A lot of work has been put to this massive update. Hopefully you will like it!

    Thank you All and Don’t eat bans please. It’s bad for you.

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

     إنه لمن دواعي سروري أن أعلن بعد العمل الشاق. ودفع العمالة الرخيصة. سيتم إطلاق الخادم باللغة العربية فقط 
    إعادة تسمية SAUR:RPG إلى SAUR:ARBK. وعلى استعداد ليتم إطلاقها في يوم الاثنين المقبل والتي تشمل:

    سيتم تغيير النصوص إلى اللغة العربية

    لغة الدردشة الرئيسية هي اللغة العربية بشكل رسمي (وليس اللغة الإنجليزية)

    تمت ترجمة النصوص داخل اللعبة إلى اللغة العربية

    الكنيسة في LSPD استبدالها الى المسجد

    إزالة جميع المحرمات (لا مزيد من المخدرات)

    سماع دعوات الصلاة (توقيت مكة المكرمة)

    وقت الصلاة يعني عدم اللعب

    أيضا، والأحداث والسكنز التي ستضاف مثلا:

    سباق الهجن

    تغيير الجلد الافتراضي CJ وإعادة تشكيلها الى:


    أكثر من ذلك بكثير في المستقبل!

    هذه التحديثات ليست كافية لتكفي احتياجاتنا العربية. يجب على غير الناطقين باللغة العربية تعلم اللغة العربية للتعاون مع هذا التحديث الجديد. العقوبات أكثر قسوة.

    ويسعدني أن أقول إن المالكين قد بدأوا في ذلك:


    وقد تم وضع الكثير من العمل لهذا التحديث الضخم. نأمل أن اللاعبين سوف يرغبون في ذلك.

    شكرا لكم جميعا ولا تأكلون بان من فضلكم. انها سيئة بالنسبة لكم.


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    Bank Robbery improvement

    By Edeen,

    Today we launched new update in order to balance the Bank Robbery event.

    What is new:
    - Improved main entrance for cops
    - Added more covers
    - Moved shutter keypad next to entrance & next to the cover fence
    - Removed inside shutter because it was pretty useless
    - Added more covers next to ATM's so crims can take cover there
    - Removed glass which was big fps killer
    - Improved garage entrance
    - Added more covers in the hole towards garage and the hole before garage
    - Improved vault, removed bunch of useless boxes and replaced it with realistic environment which in same time can be used as cover
    - Removed all useless objects and therefore decreased object count in map by 150 objects - in order to improve performance
    - Improved sewers entrance so its easier to leave after robbery - in order to prevent camp and massive deathmatch

    Here is few screenshots to show:























    We hope you like this update, and we have lots more planned.

    Feel free to leave feedback.

    Stay tuned, more updates will follow!

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    Weapon update & Headshot system

    By Antix79,

    Today we launched a new update which will take the combat system of SAUR on a new level.

    Following weapons deal 50% more damage when shooting someone in the head and ignore armor aswell. Headshots currently only work in the main dimension (might change in the future)

    Colt45.png - Colt45
    Deagle.png - Deagle
    Mac10.png - Uzi
    Tec9.png  - Tec9
    Mp5.png  - MP5
    Ak47.png - AK47
    M4.png - M4
    Rifle.png - Rifle
    Sniper.png - Sniper Rifle

    Weapon changes:
    Compared to the previous version, almost every weapon has received a change.


    • Colt45: Damage + Accuracy increased Headshots added (decent close-mid range, superior chasing potential)
    • Deagle: Fire rate increased +Clip size reduced from 7 to 5 + Headshots added (strongest close range weapon, high-risk-high-reward playstyle)

    Sub-machine Guns:

    • Uzi / Tec: Damage decreased; Accuracy increased Headshots added (Tec9 deals more damage than Uzi, Uzi is quicker)
    • MP5: Damage decreased; Movementspeed decreasedAccuracy increased Headshots added


    • Shotgun: Accuracy increased (Heavy burst potential close-mid range)
    • Combat Shotgun: Accuracy increased ( 4-shot burst potential in close-mid range)
    • Sawed off: Accuracy increased (Heavy burst in close range)

    Assault Rifles:

    • AK47: Damage decreased; Accuracy increased; Clip size reduced from 40 to 30 Headshots added
    • M4: Damage decreased; Accuracy increased Headshots added (Higher accuracy than AK47, lower damage than AK47)


    • Rifle: Fire rate reduced Headshots added
    • Sniper: + Headshots added


    More updates will follow!

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    User Control Panel

    By Crotchy,

    Shalom! 1487689474_Naamloos.png

    We've just launched a brand new User Control Panel.
    This panel was designed by Allentus, and coded by Castillo. (Over 6000 lines of code... phew...)
    They say an image says more than a thousand words, so why not just show off what we made?







    We hope you like this update, and we have lots more planned!

    The SAUR Staff Team 


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    Trusted Members Experiment - Failed

    By VcBcPc,


    In the very beginning the trusted members project seemed like good idea and was kind of useful. We had few extra players to test big updates, trusted translators and even future potential staff. As the time passed, and the idea being poorly developed and maintained, whole thing started fading and turning into something totally different, something we never wanted. 

    At the moment this project does not benefit us in any possible way, and we highly doubt it ever will, it is just a pure waste of time. After careful consideration we decided to end the experiment here and announce it as a failure. We would rather focus on something new and useful, something which will benefit SAUR, instead of wasting our time on unecessary things which slow us down.

    In the future we might start a new project which will be easier to maintain, better planned and actually useful but for now yeah, that's pretty much it.

    TL;DR: rip TM


    The SAUR Staff Team


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