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    User Control Panel

    By Crotchy,


    We've just launched a brand new User Control Panel.
    This panel was designed by Allentus, and coded by Castillo. (Over 6000 lines of code... phew...)
    They say an image says more than a thousand words, so why not just show off what we made?







    We hope you like this update, and we have lots more planned!

    The SAUR Staff Team


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    Trusted Members Experiment - Failed

    By VcBcPc,


    In the very beginning the trusted members project seemed like good idea and was kind of useful. We had few extra players to test big updates, trusted translators and even future potential staff. As the time passed, and the idea being poorly developed and maintained, whole thing started fading and turning into something totally different, something we never wanted. 

    At the moment this project does not benefit us in any possible way, and we highly doubt it ever will, it is just a pure waste of time. After careful consideration we decided to end the experiment here and announce it as a failure. We would rather focus on something new and useful, something which will benefit SAUR, instead of wasting our time on unecessary things which slow us down.

    In the future we might start a new project which will be easier to maintain, better planned and actually useful but for now yeah, that's pretty much it.

    TL;DR: rip TM


    The SAUR Staff Team


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    Christmas event

    By Crotchy,

    Hello everyone!

    The Christmas event has started in SAUR!
    This means lots of exciting features will be enabled until new years (1-1-2017).

    You can find christmas gifts all over San Andreas, and receive cool items including rare vehicles!
    We've also added an optional snow shader and snow (F9 key) and decorated the map to get into the chrismas spirit

    On top of that, we've started a playtime event, where you can unlock cool rewards for playing during the holidays.

    The gifts are as following:

    - 10 hours : 500,000$ ingame money
    - 20 hours : 1,000,000$ ingame money
    - 50 hours : 1 month Bronze VIP (VIPs will receive 2,000,000$ ingame money)
    - 100 hours : 1 extra month of VIP for all! Bronze VIP gets upgraded to silver VIP.
    Incase you are a premium member and reach the 100 hours, you will receive a santa hat or the value in money if you already own it.

    For this event, we also added a new command so you can check your progress.
    You can use the command: /xmasevent

    We hope you like this event, and enjoy your holiday here at SAUR!
    The SAUR Staff Team

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    Teamspeak Server 2.0

    By Matteehh,


    After quite some downtime, we are pleased to announce that we now have our own Teamspeak Server running, 100% hosted on our own server, no more having to rely on Teamspeak hosting companies.
    The Teamspeak 3 Server is now running on our own Dedicated Server with a 128 slot capacity.

    You can download Teamspeak 3 here: https://teamspeak.com/downloads

    You can connect to our Teamspeak 3 Server through the following IP address (and port):

    Or ts.saur.co:9987

    See you there!

    - The Teamspeak Management Team and the SAUR Staff Team

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    Updates on SAURCloud and SAUR TeamSpeak Server

    By West,


    As the title says.. SAURCloud is officially opened and ready for your use!

    link http://saurcloud.com

    And about TeamSpeak. The host we contract with (Vilayer) is having issues with their servers. No time was given to us. We will try our best to get the TS server running asap. In the meantime? I will update you guys on whats going on in this thread. Big plans boys and girls. B I G

    The SAUR Staff Team


    shoutout to Mously and Donald Trump in making all of this possible eks de


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